A refuge for 
troubled spirits

Secret Shelter
is a place to work through your issues
from the comfort and privacy
of your home.

Bring your troubles here,
and we'll toss them in the fire.

Please call or email with your contact preferences,
and we will call, email or text you with available appointment days and times.
Follow your own instincts,
use your own reason,
come to your own conclusions.
If this is agreed between us, 
then I feel at liberty to put forward a few ideas and suggestions
because you will not allow them to fetter that independence
which is the most important quality that a person can possess.
Call Now for Rates!   •   Must be over 18
If you are feeling  suicidal, homicidal 
or are in crisis
you can go to a public hospital emergency room, 
regardless of your 
ability to pay.

You can also call the 
National Suicide 
Prevention Lifeline
 at 1-800-273-8255 
and they will 
direct you to help 
for any issue.

We cannot and do not guarantee outcomes. 
No person, therapist, psychiatrist, or website can promise results. 
What we can guarantee is that we will listen, 
we will not judge you, we will respect your privacy, 
and we will understand.
Rough Starts

What others have said about us:

Thank you for
helping me find "me" --  LS

I didn't know that what I was experiencing was anxiety.  I didn't know that it can take different forms.  But most of all, I didn't know what it was like not to have anxiety until it began to disappear.  Amazing.  In gratitude --  DM

Thank you for letting me scream at you. 
It felt really good. It's nice to get the anger out without having someone 
fall to pieces over it. Hugs  -- KRA KRA

​The shame and fear I was experiencing was extreme. The effort it took to make the call was Herculean.  I am so thankful that I did it.  I feel like I have my life back thanks to Secret Shelter --  DD

Every conversation brought me relief.  
I felt like I was under water drowning in my own misery.  That kind of relief is priceless. There are no words --  AJ

My work is far from finished. But each day I'm one step closer to being out of the woods. I am so glad I found you.  
I couldn't do it alone.  Sincerely  -- PL


Managing your internal tension?
* * *
Relieving fear and emotional pain?
Uncovering the spiritual causes of your dis-ease?
​* * *
Grieving your losses?
Improving your relationships?
* * *
Ridding yourself of the toxic people in your life?
* * *
Freeing yourself from the ties that bind you?
* * *
Identifying your personal barriers?
* * *
Finding healthy ways to fulfill your needs?
* * *
Increasing your personal freedom?
* * *
Finding your bliss?

Or just want to vent, rant or confess, and let it all out?


People spend 
a lifetime 
for happiness; 
for peace. 
They chase 
idle dreams, 
even other people, 
hoping to fill 
the emptiness 
that plagues them. 
The irony is 
the only place 
they ever needed 
to search
was within

The information presented on this website or by any representative of this website is 
not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional treatment or diagnosis. 

Our healers come from many different arenas, 
and are therefore varied in their credentials -- 
meaning they may or may not be licensed therapists;  
may or may not have degrees in therapeutic or 
medical fields; may or may not have all the answers;  
may or may not be the right fit for you.